Privacy law regulates the collection method, use and storage of personal information by organizations and the government. It encompasses issues regarding the protection of emails, phone call history, pictures taken in private, hidden cameras in public areas, access to medical information, school records, etc.

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Document Name Pages Attorney/Author’s Name Rating Viewed Price
Influencer Agreement.docx 8 Suzanne Natbony
12 $99.00
Website Sponsorship Agreement 2 Suzanne Natbony
1026 $25.00
Mutual Release 4 Suzanne Natbony
1269 $99.00
Sample_1pg_ConfidentialityAgreement.docx 1 Melissa Cahill
1336 $25.00
Sample Draft Demand Letter 1 Suzanne Natbony
1249 $10.00
Lawyer Name Location Videos Documents Rating
Hadi Harp CA 0 0
Dorna Moini CA 2 0
Suzanne Natbony CA 9 31
Dimitry Z Tsimberg 0 3
Vance Woodward CA 0 0