Class action lawsuits are cases made against a party (either an individual or business entity) by a collective group that share a common claim, injury or discrepancy regarding fraud, defective product, illegal conduct, deceptive practice or other disputes.

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Document Name Pages Attorney/Author’s Name Rating Viewed Price
Lawyer Reciprocal Referral Agreement 2 Suzanne Natbony
739 $25.00
Domain Name Cease and Desist Letter 2 Suzanne Natbony
1974 $25.00
Sample_1pg_ConfidentialityAgreement.docx 1 Melissa Cahill
2486 $25.00
Lawyer Name Location Videos Documents Rating
Dorna Moini CA 2 0
Suzanne Natbony CA 10 34
Brian S Orlow 2 0
Gregg Spagnolia 0 0
Amelia Steelhead 0 0
Brandon Takahashi CA 0 0