Insurance law deals with regulating the sale, business and content within insurance policies. It also encompasses the process and handling of claims. While the federal government regulates insurances such as social security, disability, worker’s compensation and unemployment; insurances regarding health, automobile, home, life, title, and malpractice are privately regulated according to each state. These coverages are acquired by the insured (covered individual) at a premium (cost) from an insurance company (regulated third party) that will be held responsible for reimbursement if losses should occur for things covered in the policy (contract between insured and insurance company).

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Physician Patient Binding Arbitration Agreement Template.docx 4 Suzanne Natbony
385 $699.00
Termination of Contract 2 Suzanne Natbony
2017 $25.00
Mutual Release 4 Suzanne Natbony
2558 $99.00
Breach of Contract Notice 1 Suzanne Natbony
2478 $49.00
Sample_1pg_ConfidentialityAgreement.docx 1 Melissa Cahill
2589 $25.00