Foreclosure law deals with the repossession and re-sale of an asset used as collateral for a loan that has stopped receiving payment. It encompasses breach of contract, creditor’s rights to repossession, debtor’s equitable right to redemption- chance to repay debt and maintain ownership of collateral, and deficiency judgment- the difference not met from the resale of the reposed collateral.

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Document Name Pages Attorney/Author’s Name Rating Viewed Price
Deed of Trust and Promissory Note Deed.docx 4 Suzanne Natbony
1666 $99.00
Assignment Agreement 2 Suzanne Natbony
1892 $25.00
Mutual Release 4 Suzanne Natbony
2115 $99.00
Sample_1pg_ConfidentialityAgreement.docx 1 Melissa Cahill
2215 $25.00
Lawyer Name Location Videos Documents Rating
Dorna Moini CA 2 0
Michael Natbony GA 1 0
Suzanne Natbony CA 10 34
Patricia Renee Rodriguez 0 0