• Lawyers – Beware of Internet Scams

    March 6, 2017

    If you get an inquiry from a person who claims to be unlawfully terminated from UnitedHealth Group, but you see that the email is from someone at uniitedhealthgroup.com [notice the “ii” misspelling in “uniited”] and communicating to you from a gmail account, it’s a scam. Do not accept United’s quick settlement because their check will not end up clearing. Indeed, beware of situations when the other party is willing to settle too soon and then your client wants the payout ASAP. The check will never really clear and your bank will make you responsible for the loss. Always make sure that the money has cleared from the payor’s bank into your account, which, in my experience, can sometimes take several days if it’s overseas, but apparently, it can possibly take weeks. “Available” funds does not mean that the funds have “cleared.” Apparently, even if the bank negligently represents that the funds have cleared, a lawyer could still be liable. See Chino Commercial Bank, N.A. v. Peters (2010) 190 Cal.App.4th 1163 [118 Cal.Rptr.3d 866]. Even if you spoke to the client on the phone, it could still be a scam. I represent clients around the world who are not scam artists or impatient about me working on their matter until after the payment has cleared. If you’re working on contingency, do not transfer any money out of your account until after the payment has cleared and you can ascertain from the payor’s bank that the instrument is authentic or the transfer was valid. For more information, see: http://ethics.calbar.ca.gov/…/Ethics_Hotliner-Internet_Scam…

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  • LawTake's story #ProFinderContest

    November 1, 2016

    We started LawTake to:

    1) make lawyers lives easier (some of us are lawyers) by creating a way to share documents (monetize them) and set a price for them and also create videos that provide valuable information to consumers and also be able to charge a price for them, similar to Lynda.com


    2) make legal information and forms more affordable and accessible to people with legal issues and to be able to better determine which lawyers to hire after seeing them interact on camera.


    We hope lawyers and legal consumers ("lawtakers") enjoy LawTake.com! We have had great feedback, such as:


    "Thank you so much. I saw the video on business formations. Very funny and I enjoyed watching it thank you. I like your website and company and have 100% confidence Lawtake will be a dominate force in the legal field. I hope the CEO of legal zoom loses sleep at night because of your company. Lol. I'm honored to have you as my lawyer, I will sell lots of my product so I can afford you. Lol Have a great day, Thanks again"


    LinkedIn Pro Finder can help us grow our team! We love LinkedIn as we are like a LinkedIn for lawyers + ebay platform for the lawyers to sell the tools of their trade - legal information and forms.

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  • Legal Crystal: The Easiest and Reliable Law Search Engine

    September 26, 2016

    Internet technology today is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the most used source for the collection of information. Today, people from all walks of life make use of this amazing technology to get information on endless topics. Similarly, when we talk about law firms, lawyers and other people engaged or interested in law, they have a lot of information to be collected. Depending up on the case requirements and situation, they have to find to solution and do a lot of research for the same. If you are one of those individuals who are looking for easier way to search Indian judgements, then Legal Crystal is the best search engine for you.

    We are Legal crystal, one of the most trustworthy search engines that helps people to search for Indian Law in an easier and hassle free manner. From advocates and judges to law firms, almost everyone can utilize our amazing platform so as to search for Supreme Court Cases or to collect information about laws governing the society. Our product is effective and helps in making things easier for people engaged in law firms. Moreover, it takes as few as a second to put results right on your computer screen.

    One of the best things about our product/search engine is, you can visit the website and search according to your needs using any kind of device such as computers, laptops, smartphones or tablet or any internet enabled device.

    Our development team has worked restlessly to make sure that this law search engine gets developed with perfection and at the same time, lawyers and attorneys just like you can collect the needed information with ease.

    Apart from this, product we have developed is easy to use and you will never need any kind of specific training to use it.

    We are having thousands of happy customers and you can be one of them by using this easy search engine. Apart from this our product offer some additional features that includes save judgements, add custom notes, and store client information with organizer, tag judgements and so on. For more details, you can feel free to get in touch with our team of professionals. So, instead of waiting and wasting more of your precious time, visit the website www.legalcrystal.com.

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  • Doctor Alert: Legal Due Diligence When Using mHealth Devices Protecting. Patients and Data

    January 20, 2016

    Protecting Patients and Data When Using mHealth Products and Services

    Mhealth technology legal compliance image - L.A. Tech and Media Law Firm Blog

    “mHealth” generally refers mobile health and includes the practice of medicine or communications involving medical data via mobile devices. California Healthcare entities such as private practices, hospitals, health plans, pharmacies, or medical spas, must consider Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) and the California Civil Code among other regulation to protect patient data when using mobile devices.

    Best practices for physicians, nurses, administrators and other healthcare providers who use mobile devices for work related tasks are evolving as technology continues to penetrate healthcare markets. It is strongly advisable to carefully manage mobile communications in healthcare markets, and minimize risk of undue privacy or security breach in violation of HIPAA, HITECH or other state and federal regulations. Some of the best practices in protecting patients and their data when using mHealth devices in medical practice include:

    1. Passcodes and other method of authentication to access a device.
    2. Encryption of email, billing, text messaging, and other programs containing protected health data or personal information.
    3. Secure Cellular Networks must be utilized. Public wi-fi are notoriously unsecure.
    4. Patient consent to use unsecure mobile device communications. 
    5. Docketing informal messages and conversations with patients. 
    6. Maintaining professionalism in electronic communications and avoidance of using medical shorthand or typos which can have significant medical consequences.
    7. Firewall, anti-malicious software (malware) should be installed and maintained routinely.
    8. Data back up.

    Mobile communication has profound impacts on efficiencies and cost savings in virtually every sector of healthcare. But practitioners must balance emerging technical capabilities with the sensitive nature of patient data, the importance of providing accurate health-related information to patients, and the evolving regulatory environment.

    Suzanne _ HeadshotAuthor: Suzanne Natbony, Esq. is a Los Angeles business and healthcare technology attorney with focuses in entertainment law, eCommerce, NonProfit, and privacy law. She is a member of the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, an entrepreneur, and Of Counsel at L.A. Tech & Media Law Firm. Office: Ph: 310-478-6251; suzanne@lawyer.com.

    Disclaimer: The content above is a discussion of legal issues and general information; it does not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such without seeking professional legal counsel. Reading the content above does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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  • LawTake CEO interviewed by Nicole Brandon on OmTimes Radio

    November 5, 2015

    We want to thank Nicole Brandon for interviewing our CEO, Suzanne Natbony, about LawTake. Nicole has the most amazing energy and melodic voice to listen to. Nicole is inspiring and we hope it helps people with legal issues, lawyers and those considering a field in law.

    Capture of Nicole Brandon

    Nicole wrote, "Suzanne Natbony is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and one of the smartest and savviest women in today’s world of business and profound solutions and answers. Join us on 'Passionate Live' this Monday night at 6PM Pacific Time and 9PM Eastern Time for an eye opening show and learn how 'You' can find the answers that you’re looking for."

    You can listen to it here: http://omtimes.com/iom/2015/10/the-bridge-to-the-law-suzanne-natbony/

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  • Tips for Purchasing New Construction Condo or House

    November 2, 2015

    Buying a new construction house or condo? Over the years, savvy real estate agents have referred their buyers of new construction to my law office to review and explain the New Construction Purchase Agreement *before* their buyer signs the contract. That is because custom drafted New Construction Purchase Agreements contain terms very different from the C.A.R forms for the purchase of existing homes.

    With the CAR Forms, agents can receive extensive continuing education training on how to interpret and navigate the forms. Whereas “Custom” drafted forms are drafted by the Developer’s real estate attorneys. I have yet to review two that were identical.

    Every such custom drafted contract I have reviewed contains draconian terms that greatly restrict the buyer’s rights during and post close of escrow.

    Said agreements are drafted by attorneys specifically hired by the Developer to protect the Developer seller against potential future claims brought by buyers. That attorney owes the Developer a fiduciary duty of care, including protecting them from exposure and liability for construction defect despite California laws seemingly drafted to protect consumers.

    These contracts are NOT buyer friendly. I’ve seen buyers in dispute over their Deposit because they failed to object to an item or the contract had NO inspection contingency. Neither the buyer nor their agent picked up on the fact that the contract contained NO such contingency.

    Most such custom contracts lack the generous terms and contingencies that the CAR forms offer.

    For example, the current CAR purchase agreement for existing homes provides an “active” removal of contingencies, which means a buyer HAS their inspection and due diligence contingencies open until they actually remove them in writing. Did you know that it’s the exact opposite in most new home construction purchase agreements?

    Agents owe buyers a fiduciary duty of care, which includes referral to a competent real estate attorney when faced with a brand new custom drafted Contract they have never seen before.

    After all, you are purchasing an asset worth several hundred thousand dollars or millions.

    Invest some time in researching an attorney familiar with this area of California real estate law and brokerage law. Retain one to protect your rights and guide you. The Seller already did.

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  • Above the Law Interview of LawTake's CEO

    July 30, 2015

    Our CEO was just interviewed by Above the Law's tech columnist, Edward Sohn, and we want to thank Ed for a fantastic article, David Lat, Thomson Reuters and ATL: http://abovethelaw.com/2015/07/alt-legal-why-is-there-no-youtube-for-legal/


    ATL Article screen shot
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  • LawTake was featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal

    June 29, 2015
    LA Business Journal Article
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  • LawTake Launch Party

    June 11, 2015

    LawTake Website Launch image resized 02LawTake Launch Party

    We are celebrating the launch of our website!

    Why should you attend?

    • You're a lawyer who would create a LawTake profile to offer legal forms and videos with FAQs for consumers for lead generation and alternative revenue sources.
    • You're a "LawTaker" - someone with a legal issue who needs help and wants to watch a DIY video on a legal issue, with legal forms or be connected to a lawyer.
    • You're a potential advertiser on our site, such as a business that can help someone with legal issues or lawyers, e.g., medical professionals or payroll services.
    • You just want to schmooze with lawyers and LawTakers.

    LawTake Launch Party When:     Tuesday, June 16, 2015 Time:       6 - 10pm Where: Seasons 52 at the Century City Mall 10250 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles CA 90067

    • Red Carpet with two Photographers and a Step and Repeat/Backdrop
    • Complimentary Tray-Passed Welcome Champagne
    • Complimentary Appetizers
    • Complimentary 3-hour Validated Parking from Seasons 52 available at the Century City Mall
    • Drawing for Prizes
    • A camera operator recording FAQs and answers for lawyers to upload the video onto their LawTake profiles

    Please RSVP by Joining our Facebook Event!

    About LawTake: 

    LawTake is the answer for people with legal issues who are dissatisfied with the current legal market.  Unlike current legal services websites that are ineffective at resolving problems, confusing or disengaging, LawTake provides the best legal information, products and lawyer services!  LawTake is a marketplace for lawyers to post information that consumers can purchase, namely, entertaining and informative videos on the law.  LawTake aggregates videos and legal content similar to YouTube® but also offers premium services for lawyers that create entertaining, "Hollywood-ESQ," informative videos on the law, along with customizable forms and accompanying materials for consumers to purchase, similar to the way eBay® sells products to consumers.  This package can save consumers hundreds of dollars in legal fees and enables top marketing, alternative revenue sources and efficiencies for the lawyers’ legal services, thus creating a win-win situation.

    We are asking for $500 sponsorships and that would go towards:

    • a logo on the invitation and step and repeat if received by 5/31
    • priority for lawyers to be videotaped answering FAQs to upload the video on their LawTake profiles
    • the ability distribute promotional materials
    • the CEO will thank sponsors in an announcement
    • LawTake will donate a portion of the proceeds to Iris Blossom Charities (www.irisblossomcharities.org)
    • Ability to use a portion of the sponsorship amount as a prize in a drawing

    Current Sponsors: Iris Blossom Charities • Dr. Sarmela Sunder • Jesus Daily  McCullough Sudan  Constructive Dispute Resolution  Fitgazm  Atak Interactive  Anato Investment Group  Winter Media  Gerber Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management  • Gonzalez CPA First Class Paralegals Bibby McWilliams & Kearney

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  • LawTake Launch Party

    April 29, 2015

    Please join us at our LawTake Launch Party on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015, from 6-10pm, at:

    Seasons 52, in Century City: www.seasons52.com 10250 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles CA 90067 310-277-5252

    *Validated parking from Seasons 52 available at the Century City mall

    We are asking for $500 sponsorships and that would go towards:

    · a logo on the invitation and step and repeat · a photographer · a camera operator recording FAQs and answers for lawyers to upload the video on their LawTake profiles · welcome champagne and tray passed appetizers and hopefully more · the ability distribute promotional materials · I will thank sponsors in an announcement · we will donate some of the proceeds to a pro bono legal services nonprofit · giveaways · and we hope for more perks as we continue our outreach

    For more information about sponsoring, please email info@lawtake.com. Thank you!

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