I am currently a 'super' senior at UCLA in the Design and Media Arts department. My primary concentration is visual communication with an emphasis on print material. I practice multidisciplinary design, integrating the digital world with the physical- through medias such as webpages/web-stores and various printed collateral viewable both on paper and on screen. (ie. logos, newsletters, brochures, inforgraphics, etc.)

As a designer, art director, content creator, and exhibitionist, I pride myself in assisting start-ups, such as LawTake, to analyze their current and past market's niche, harness their business' unique qualities and integrate them into their marketing strategies and branding.

Studying at UCLA has ingrained in me a scholarly work ethic with a dedication to perfection. We all make mistakes and I might not get a project done right the first time, but even for time sensitive projects I believe redrafting, and redrafting and did I mention redrafting? Are essential steps in realizing truly compelling and creative design. Below are some courses that have influenced my socially and culturally relevant work:

Advanced Analog Photography
Advanced Sculpture
Art, Science & Technology
Color Theory
Design Culture
Design Futures
Digital Studio Photography
Game Design
Interactivity Media
Media, Art & Society
Motion Practice
Network Media
Theory and Relativity of Form
Video and Animation
Visual Communication and Image
Word + Image