Suzanne Natbony is a transactional and regulatory/compliance lawyer, licensed to practice in California, who has worked in-house for two startups since 2008, March Vision Care LLC and EcoClassic Homes LLC, and for two law firms, Katten Muchin Rosenman, LLP and the Michael H. Cohen Law Group, PC. In addition to Ms. Natbony’s entrepreneurial and managerial experience as a regional director for over three years, Ms. Natbony has a well-versed and diverse background practicing law across multiple business sectors, including, healthcare, real estate and entertainment law. She has advised physicians, allied health professionals, entertainment talent, architects, business executives, and other professionals on a variety of business matters, including acquisitions, intellectual property rights and a variety of corporate, business and employment contracts. She was also able to participate in policy-based legal work through drafting language for proposed federal statutes and was a legal research assistant at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C., which is an educational institution of the federal court system.

Ms. Natbony conceptualized the idea for LawTake and Hollywood Lawyers Online, LLC (an interesting, entertaining and attractive approach to streamlining and providing legal services for clients utilizing a website, educational videos and supplemental forms) after observing an underserved market for HLO’s products and services. Ms. Natbony detected a combination of the following:

1. A need for legal advice on a budget (experienced from working in-house for several startup companies),
2. A lack of funds for legal advice from potential clients, in general,
3. An increase in startup companies and a class of people needing economical legal advice,
4. Overworked attorneys who were disrupted by potential clients seeking this type of advice,
5. An increasing amounts of free legal advice online (blogs, law firm website content, articles),
6. A perceived lack of videos that have the qualities needed to both inform AND hold the attention of the viewer because they are often dry, dull and presented by knowledgeable but insipid presenters,
7. A perceived lack of educational videos online as a substitute for basic introductory educational legal advice from an attorney,
8. A method for streamlining basic legal advice through teaching her clients via videos, thereby eliminating monotonous inefficiencies of her law practice while providing enhanced value for her clients.
9. An alarming number of unemployed new admittees to the bar, who are attractive and entertaining and would make great Attorney-Instructors in videos on the law,
10. A method through which attorneys may diversify their practice and increase their income by not only engaging in traditional legal work, serving clients, but also through earning passive income from videos on areas of legal expertise.

Bringing her background and experience along with her belief system that a little education and communication can resolve a lot of legal issues and her passion for learning and teaching, and the Hollywood influence of living in Los Angeles for a decade, she turned her vision into a reality by creating Hollywood Lawyers Online, LLC.

“I love meeting people and couldn’t help but think that I should somehow be involved in the entertainment industry after consistently witnessing flinches and eye popping reactions from these people because I am not a model or actress, but, actually, a lawyer. Indeed, sometimes the shock from these people turned into disgust from learning that I’m a lawyer…haha…just kidding…well, not really.
I appreciate the compliment that I look good on camera and want to use this resource to help more people with their legal issues in an entertaining, enjoyable, efficient, economical and effective manner. Legal e-commerce is the answer.”

Ms. Natbony graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Southern California. She was Vice President of the Pre-Law Society, Chairperson of the Professional Development Committee of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, a member of Alpha Phi sorority and she studied abroad at Cambridge University in England. She received her J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law and completed legal course work as a Visiting Student at Pepperdine and Georgetown, as a Special Student at Loyola, and through an international study abroad program at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. She was President of the Southwestern Law and Medicine Society, Co-Vice President of the Loyola Health Law and Bioethics Association, and Sports Chair of the Loyola Entertainment and Sports Law Society.