Michael Natbony, Esq. brings a powerful combination of corporate law and financial expertise to Hollywood Lawyers Online, LLC. He has been principal of several startup companies across a multitude of industries including financial services, investment management, securities and real estate. Leaving behind a successful law practice in New York with the law department of Mutual of New york and then the firm of Parker, Chapin & Flattau, Mr. Natbony moved to Atlanta as general counsel and then Executive Vice President of the firm that developed Omni International-Atlanta (now CNN Center), Omni International-Miami and Omni International-Norfolk. Mr. Natbony subsequently co-founded the Trion Group, a commercial real estate development firm in 1983 and arranged and generated funding for the development and acquisition of over $100 million of premier retail, office and mixed-use space. In 1991, Mr. Natbony co-founded PARADIGM Global Advisors LLC, a money management and funds-of-funds organization that managed or advised assets of approximately $1 billion. As President and Co-CEO of PARADIGM, he was responsible for the firm’s operations, compliance, legal and finance activities. Michael also served as Vice Chairman of MadisonGrey Holdings, a startup formed to render administrative services to various financial funds. Michael holds a J.D. from Boston University School of Law and a bachelor’s degree from Queens College. He is a member of the New York State Bar.