Law is not a practice or a business, it’s a public service!
Public outreach and service is simple with LawTake!


Creating a profile is easy and free. We highly recommend you take the initial time to bolster your profile with information about which areas of law you practice, how long you’ve been practicing, your office location, and your photo. By including this kind of information, you will be letting “LawTakers” (our customers/your potential clients) know all about the experience you have to offer.

(Remember it’s free to sign-up, and you can un-register at any time and we will never sell your information.)

Upload Content

LawTakers are accessing LawTake to resolve or better understand their legal issues. Create and upload videos that answer their FAQs. In other words, remember your role as a servant of the court of justice and reveal some “spices” of your “secret sauce.”

Include up-to-date accompanying documents that LawTakers can purchase to fill out and perhaps file for themselves.

Engage with LawTakers by answering their questions and responding to their comments and you can even upload news articles that you’ve published.

Upgrade To Premium

By upgrading your account, you will able to access more features that LawTake has to offer. We offer plans that help promote and advertise your firm, practice or video, as well as prioritize referencing you when one of our LawTakers needs direct assistance.

Even without subscribing to one of our LawTake Lawyer Plans, you will be added as a part of our lawyer database, be able to post to forums and upload content. However, you will miss out on featured advertising capabilities without a Lawyer Plan.

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The app is quite literally a handy extension of our website that will allow you to connect with LawTakers at your convenience - not just when you finally get behind your desk. Be notified and quickly respond to direct messages, answer befuddled LawTakers on our forum, update videos and documents, or keep an eye on upcoming events by downloading our app today.

Last but not least, feel free to contact LawTake to assist you with navigating throughout the website or the monthly subscription process.
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